Savage Beasts Playtest Rules Update

Howdy Folks!

We have just updated the playtest rules for the Savage Beasts expansion. Included in this new version we’ve added rules for creating your own beasts, in addition to new rules to divide up the current and future models into 4 primary factions and 2 supporting factions.

The Vigilance Committee, Widowmakers, Dockside Drifters and Wilde’s Rangers make up the Lawmen faction. The Clancy Gang, Bandidos Mexicanos, Bloodwolf Tribe and Secret Fist form the Outlaw faction. The Tranquility Crew are neutral and like other Hired Guns may fight for either side.

And for the upcoming supernatural creatures, all Beasts will be one faction, the Undead will be the second faction and released later, and Demons are unique enemies that may join either side, just like Hired Guns.

This change is done primary for fluff and background reasons, the actual game rules for all of the above gangs will not change. We will however be putting together new character cards for all gangs. The data won’t change, so your old cards are still valid. These new ones just look nicer 🙂 We’ll have these updated versions available to download soon. For now, you can grab the updated Savage Beasts rules here:

Savage Beasts Expansion

Stay tuned – more to come! 🙂

Gangfight Games, May 11, 2015